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At New Tampa Internal Medicine in Tampa, FL, we offer skin tightening treatments using TempSure that can help naturally tighten the skin on the face to resolve some of the most noticeable signs of aging that result from skin laxity. The treatment uses powerful radiofrequency energy to force the body to increase natural collagen and elastin production, which results in tighter skin long-term.

Skin Tightening Treatments With TempSure

TempSure is a unique device that offers multiple non-surgical options as well as surgical options for patients who want to address the signs of aging resulting from skin laxity. You no longer have to wait for the signs of aging to worsen and eventually resign yourself to a typical surgical facelift. There are nowoptions like this incredible device that can tighten your skin during quick, and effective treatments.

You won’t have to worry about downtime and can resume your normal activities after your treatment is over. You won’t have to take time off work, receive any anesthesia, or endure discomfort. Instead, you can simply schedule and attend your treatments and await some incredible, natural-looking results.

What Causes Loose Skin?

Many factors contribute to loose skin, including sun exposure, lifestyle, genetics, and the natural aging process. Skin laxity comes down to a decrease in the body’s natural collagen and elastin production. Collagen and elastin are two proteins found within the skin and are an integral part of the skin’s foundational and structural layers.

The Results of Collagen Loss

Different factors can cause collagen and elastin to break down in combination with a decrease in natural production, resulting in volume loss which leads to skin laxity. There are many different products that claim to restore natural volume to the skin to address skin laxity, and while they may help, if you have noticeable lines, wrinkles, and facial folds, you will need something more to correct these common signs of aging.

TempSure treatments can make a significant improvement in your appearance by reversing the effects of skin laxity and targeting the root cause: forcing the body to grow new collagen and elastin.

How Skin Laxity Affects the Appearance

Skin laxity can affect the face and the body. Some of the most common signs of aging result from skin laxity. It can cause your face and neck to be defined by loose, sagging skin and make your face look less defined. It causes facial folds and wrinkles to develop as well as pre-jowl folds along the jawline. It can also affect the appearance of your body by causing your muscles to look less defined in different areas as a result of loose or drooping skin.

Why TempSure Treatments Work

TempSure treatments address the root cause of skin laxity by delivering monopolar radiofrequency energy directly into the deeper layers of the skin. Unlike surgical procedures that address loose skin by cutting away any excess tissue, this device relies on non-invasive and non-surgical radiofrequency energy.

The device stimulates natural collagen and elastin production, and the body will start to produce new collagen and elastin after the first treatment, which will naturally result in tighter and more lifted skin.

What Does It Treat?

TempSure treatments can address the most common signs of aging that appear on the face as a result of skin laxity, including crow’s feet, smile lines, forehead wrinkles, frown lines, and other areas with loose skin. If you have specific aging-related concerns resulting from skin laxity, we can meet with you during your initial consultation to help design a treatment plan that will give you tighter and younger-looking skin.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

Some patients want to address advanced signs of skin laxity, while others just have one or two smaller areas they want to treat. For that reason, you may need a few treatments or several to reach your goal.

Patients typically receive anywhere from four to six treatments to achieve the best results. When we design your treatment plan, we will recommend the number of treatments you should schedule to effectively tighten your skin in your problem area.

How Long Will My Results Last?

Once you begin treatment, you’ll see results within the first few weeks as your body increases its natural collagen and elastin production; a process that can take a few months for full results. However, you can rest assured that you will see some incredible results as your body responds to the treatment process. You may see some initial results after just one treatment  , but optimal results will be visible after a few weeks and reoccurring treatments. 

Am I a Candidate?

If you have loose skin on your face that has led to the formation of different lines, folds, and wrinkles, you may be a good candidate for TempSure treatments. Patients should be in good health and understand the nature of the treatment and that the best results will appear gradually. All of this will be discussed in detail during your initial consultation and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Tighten Your Skin With TempSure

If you aren’t ready to resort to a surgical procedure to tighten your skin, but you also don’t want to live with skin laxity and all the signs of aging that stem from loose skin, there is a solution that works. Our skin tightening treatment process can help transform your appearance while preserving your natural complexion. After this skin tightening treatment, you’ll finally achieve younger and healthier-looking skin, and you can enjoy the results long-term. Contact us today at New Tampa Internal Medicine in Tampa, FL to schedule your consultation.

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